Charity Partner

You have taken the challenge to ride from City Park to Winter Park, now take the challenge to raise money for Mile High United Way or your favorite charity. You are not required to raise funds to participate in this ride, but we encourage you to do so.  With your fundraising efforts, Mile High United Way or your favorite charity will benefit from your training efforts and support you receive to accomplish this epic challenge.

Get Started:

Fundraising Tips:

  • Start Early:  The sooner you start fundraising the more money you can raise
  • Set a Goal:  Make it challenging but attainable
  • Prepare a list:  Contact everyone you know, you will be surprised who gives
  • Customize your emails:  Include a personal story, why you are raising money, why it’s important to you and where the money goes
  • Create a schedule & Stick to it: Set a calendar to send your announcement email, your solicitation email, your reminder email and your last chance to give email
  • Ask, ask, ask:  Don’t hesitate to ask folks because people won’t give unless they are given the opportunity
  • Customize your personal fundraising page:  Include a personal story about why you are participating and add photos/videos.   How about a photo of you with your first bike?
  • Add social media to the mix:  Keep folks updated on social media, include a link to your fundraising page
  • Get creative: Add a link to your email signature, give out piggy banks to family and friends to collect their change, throw a party.